Monday, June 25, 2012

The Amazing Race (Australia): Season 2, Part 1

PDF analysis. Because I'm all classy and stuff.


  1. Nice work compiling this synopsis mate; I had no idea they cut so many challenges out! Did they do that last season and in foreign seasons too? It's a shame they don't release them as secret scenes online, instead of they crap they do serve up.

  2. Usually there's only two reasons they edit stuff out - either it's a trip to a random cluebox without a task, or it's a Detour choice when all the teams pick the same task (in which case they show the task as a regular task - the bodybuilding the US version did a couple of seasons ago, for example). As far as I know there's only been one other Detour and one other Road Block that have been edited out completely - the Road Block because it was a last minute emergency task that wasn't in the least challenging, and the Detour because they feared it would get the animal cruelty whiners antsy.

    This is certainly the first time so MUCH has been edited out.