Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Survivor: A Brief Obsessive Challenge Guide (Version 2.0)

I use the term "brief" ironically, of course.

Since the last version of the guide I've kind of been continually updating this, but always wind up getting annoyed with the formatting before finishing it. Eventually I just figured to hell with it, and did the most basic version I could. It's not perfect, and right after I finished it I figured out a way to make the format from the old version a lot less cluttery (which I'm going to use for all of my challenge guides from now on, regardless of show), but here we are.

One thing to note: There's no section for results this time. I might upload a separate "challenge tracker" file in the near future (although first I want to figure out how to do a non-cluttered individual-players version to account for tribal shuffles and the like), but I haven't included the tables or even a list of winners in this version.

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