Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Mole: A Brief Obsessive Challenge Guide

No review this time, just a guide. Yeah, I could have done reviews, but once you see the enormity of this project you'll understand why I didn't. Plus, I'm hoping to do other even bigger shows in the future, and I'd really rather not keel over from exhaustion.

In other news, completing this guide has made me realise three things:

(1) Everybody in the world is better at making reality television than the Americans. I'm sorry, Americans, but it's true. This show is generally brought up as one of the best American reality shows and yet... the first two seasons are mediocre at best, and the rest are pretty much a steaming load (clarification: by comparison).

(2) This show needs to be brought back to Australian television. As long as they got rid of the live eliminations and kept Tom Williams the crap away from it, it should be good. Should. Unfortunately, the only way this'll be back is if Nine decides to put it in the 7pm weeknight slot vacated by the aptly named Excess Baggage. And if they do that we'll get stuck with Jules Lund hosting, a possibility which will leave fans thinking only one thing: "Fuck that shit, I could do better." (Although I suppose given the above link, I could do better.)

(3) I have no life, and it is very difficult to write descriptions of some of these challenges without spoiling the episodes and making fun of the incompetent nitwits who tend to get cast. Which means I'm perfectly available and willing in the event someone at Nine has commonsense and refuses to let Jules anywhere near this. Call me, guys?

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  1. Looks like your wish came true about the mole coming back to Australian television!